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1. Pruthvi Organic fertilizer

  • Pruthvi oragnic fertilizer improves physical, chemical and biological quality of soil.

  • Due to different types of oil cake and natural elements having in Pruthvi organic fertilizer are increase production and growth of crop.

  • With the help of pruthvi organic fertilisers you can effectively control the earthworms and termite which tend to negatively effect the soil and crops.

  • Pruthvi Organic fertilizer contains nitrogen, phosphorus, Potassium and other important elements which help the growth of crops and also enhance the quality of soil.

  • Pruthvi Organic fertilizer provides complete and balanced nutrition to the crops and also increase their immune system.

  • Pruthvi Organic fertilizer helps to improve the fertility of non fertilized soil by eradicating the salty nature of soil.

  • Pruthvi Organic fertilizer not only increases productivity but also reduces the cost for the usage of chemical fertilizer by almost 50%.

  • Pruthvi Organic fertilizer comprises multiple bacteria that help earthworms too grow/penetrate effectively.

  • Last but not the least Pruthvi Organic fertilizer helps to improve the fertility of the soil and also proves beneficial to environment.

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2. N.P.K


Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for numerous plant functions. Nitrogen is used to produce proteins, hormones and vitamins in the plants constitutionalism. Its helps to control use of other elements. It is a main element for growth of plants. It is useful for Metabolism of carbohydrates. Green color of plants depends on nitrogen.


Phosphorus increase immune power of plants. Phosphorus is more useful to increase production of Kandamudas. It is useful to make proteins, Starca, Sarkara and fat for cells of plants. Especially,its happens good growth of small roots.


It is make to plump, fruit and seeds of crops. It enhances disease resistance as well as tolerance to drought, heat and freezing. This element is essential for all plants to thrive, particularly in changing weather condition. A thick cell wall is made for water economy and increase immune power. It is helpful to growth of bean crop.

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3. Green Tech Soil Conditioner Granule


Calcium is to make fast process for increasing the roots action to increase growth of crops. Calcium (Ca) plays essential roles in both plant nutrition and soil health. Plants take a nitrogen through a calcium. Calcium is to produce new cells for plants.


Increase ratio of oil for Oilseeds crop. Magnesium is a micro nutrient that is necessary to both plant growth and health. Take main part for erection of nitrogen and proteins. Stops green from red color of leaf and to prevent the harvest of leaf falling. Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives plants their green color. Increasing greenish in Cotton, pulses and cereal crops plants.


Sulfur helps to growth of leaf and branch. Increased quality of oily crops and also increase production. Sulfur helps nitrogen,phosphorus, potassium to activate by increasing the quantity of amino acids and contributes in the production of proteins which results in higher productivity and increased in the quantity of oil.

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